So Low FODMAP Foods was founded by Cheryl Lee  

Why did I develop So Low FODMAP Foods? 
My son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). 
A few years ago, he began to suffer from bloating and abdominal distention that became so severe it affected his breathing. This was due to the excess gas in the gut, creating pressure under the diaphragm. And because of muscle weakness in his chest, this made it difficult for him to expand his lungs. 
After several hospital admissions we were introduced to a gastroenterologist who suggested a low FODMAP diet. With his explanation that my son’s digestive system was probably slower than normal and food was remaining in the gut longer, the slow movement of food was likely to be causing a longer fermentation period; thus creating a greater build-up of excess gas. 
We followed his advice and turned to the Low FODMAP diet. Some research within DMD has shown that there is evidence that the smooth muscle tissue of the digestive tract can become affected by fibrosis (Barohn et al. 1988). This will hinder the flow of food, slowing digestion and may cause distention through excess gas in the gut. 
Unfortunately bloating and excess gas is only just becoming recognised as a problem with young men with DMD. 
As a result of my son’s experience, his consultant now discusses these issues with all his patients! 
It has not been easy. It is very difficult to buy ready-made foods that are low FODMAP, shopping takes much longer as I have to check every package for the ingredients, and you can initially feel enjoying your favourite food is no longer an option. 
However, as I enjoy cooking, I decided to dedicate my time to adapting recipes so we can, as a family, enjoy our usual favourite meals... curries, pizza and pasta to mention just a few! 
Using the Monash University Low FODMAP diet food guide it is possible to transform your diet and improve your symptoms. 
I truly believe this diet has had a profound effect on reducing the bloating, distention and constipation that my son previously suffered from. 
My mission now is to promote the reduction of FODMAPs for anyone who suffers similar symptoms, whether diagnosed with IBS, DMD or not. 
As a mother and not a medic, I recommend that anyone suffering such symptoms seek advice from their doctor or qualified dietician.  
However, all my recipes are low in FODMAPs and may help reduce symptoms... so why not give them a try! 
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