Happy New Year to All! 
I’m not sure where the last year has gone, it really has flown past, but I do know that without the support of my family my hair would probably be a lot thinner!  
As with any business there have been highs and lows, and what has got me through is the inspiration from my son and the moral support from my daughter (who is wiser than her years and has been a brilliant business consultant). 
Plus all the fantastic comments and support from my lovely customers of course! 
My son Chris is the reason I started developing low FODMAP foods**. More than 6 years ago when he was advised to follow the diet we were told very little, given a small list of foods to eat and not to eat and left to it! It has been an incredible journey working with different recipes, making adjustments to get the taste just right and making sure they are low FODMAP. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to make them available for everyone to enjoy. 
Business has grown and it has been fantastic meeting people who are familiar or new to low FODMAP and hearing such positive feedback, enjoying the taste and availability of ready-made sauces that help make life a little easier. Many of our customers have come back for more having been told to by partners, family members etc. that don’t have to eat low FODMAP because they have liked them so much! 
The Low FODMAP Diet can be difficult to follow and ensure you have a balanced diet, some people are referred by their doctor to see consultants and or dieticians and others are simply told to try a low FODMAP diet. This is true not only for IBS sufferers but who people are suffering from conditions such as Muscular dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis and some have found it helpful for Arthritis and also mental health problems. Recent research has found beneficial for athletes as excessive training can also cause symptoms that are IBS related. Whatever the reason for needing relief from symptoms such as stomach cramps, excess wind, constipation and or diarrhoea, the need to personalise your diet to suit your own tolerance will always be there, and it will be prudent to check the ingredients of products that you buy. Some people I have chatted to stick rigidly to their diet, as does my son, whilst others find they are able to ‘opt out’ on occasions to allow them to be more adaptable if eating out for instance. Our aims is to allow you to have some of your favourite foods such as a Masala, Korma or a Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce instead of a take-away that is full of garlic and onions, yet savour the taste of the same ingredients without the irritable symptoms. 
Our new website with online sales has been available for a few months now and we have delivered far and wide in the UK, including the Scottish Highlands and we have even gone ‘abroad’ to Southern Ireland. Hopefully you are also trying the recipes; look out for more throughout the coming months. Don’t forget there is also a recipe book available ‘What? No Onions!’ Every Day Recipes that help you to cook up some of your favourite dishes with simple to follow instructions. 
This year we are already booked in for the Allergy and Free From Show in London 5-7th July and Liverpool in November (look out for free ticket links on our website and social media posts). We are also very excited to be working with several online stores and local shops to make our availability even better for you. 
At So Low we are keen to use quality ingredients and make sure you get great flavour. To do this we use fresh tomatoes that are locally grown, slow roasting them with garlic infused sunflower oil, than blending and sieving them to give a rich flavoursome base to many of our sauces. This process eliminates much of the skin and seeds and therefore is an added bonus for those who find this part of the tomato problematic. 
Our range of low FODMAP sauces are Lactose-free and Gluten-free, but most importantly they are family friendly. No longer do you have to have separate meals… just buy a family sized jar (also available in 'Dinner for 2' sizes) and stir up a tasty meal for all to enjoy! 
Very best wishes for 2019... 
**Read more on the ‘About Us’ page or the beginning of my ‘What? No Onions’ Everyday Recipes for a Low FODMAP diet recipe book. 
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