Thank you to all who have been involved in the new look... I think it is fantastic and I hope you do too! 
I have now been trading at several markets around Gloucestershire and I would like to thank everyone who has given me support and encouragement. You will find us at Cheltenham Fine Foods Market on the first Saturday of every month. 
I have also met and chatted to many lovely people who have expressed their delight at finding low FODMAP products on sale, not only here in the UK but actually homemade in the UK too. 
One couple who visited my stall yesterday at Cheltenham, now regular consumers of my sauces, said how great it was that they had found So Low FODMAP Foods on their doorstep as it has changed their lives!  
Eating a low FODMAP diet had now been made easier, they can get a meal put together quickly, and the lady's partner can put some chicken in a pot, add the sauce and have a delicious low FODMAP meal ready for her on her return from work! 
It’s great to chat to people who have been using the low FODMAP diet for some time, as well as those who have just started or about to start. Exchanging tips and ideas help all around. 
One of the best tips I can give to those who miss garlic is to infuse it by using a ‘tea infuser’. Simply pop some cloves into the infuser and hang it in your pot of sauce, let the garlic cook and release its flavour, and then throw the contents of the infuser out… Hey presto, a garlic-infused meal without the pain and suffering of actually eating it! 
Having tried many, the best ‘infuser’ I have found will be available shortly and added to my online shop very soon. 
If anyone has any tips they would like to share or questions to ask, please contact me and I will pass on the tips and try and answer any questions. 
Thank you once again and may I wish you all a very happy low FODMAP future! 
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